Akira-class Heavy Cruiser Instructions


Proving pivotal during the Borg Incursions and the Dominion War, the Akira-class Heavy Cruiser has been likened to a cross between a gunship and aircraft carrier. These ships were equipped with 15 torpedo launchers, a front-facing launch bay, and even an experimental Chain Reaction Pulsar weapon in some cases.

Ships of this class:

  • USS Sentinel NCC-68455
  • USS Thunderchild NCC-63549
  • USS Wersching NCC-63328

Scale: 1:1250
Approximate cost to build: $120 USD

Models Included:

  • Akira-class Heavy Cruiser

Files Included:

  • Hand-crafted instructions
  • LDD and Stud.io files
  • Bricklink-compatible parts list

DOES NOT include parts, this is a digital purchase.