Klingon Support Ships #2 Instructions


During the Federation-Klingon War, the warriors of the Great Houses rode majestic and ancient ships into battle. Many of these ships had been crewed continuously for hundreds of years, before finally fulfilling their destiny and meeting a glorious end in the bloody conflict. Very few remained when the war was over, and those that did were hoarded by the Great Houses, which left the fleets of the Empire lacking.

Under the new, unified banner of the Klingon Defense Force, a new Klingon fleet would be born. With design contribution from all the Great Houses, vessels of this new fleet were often directly inspired by their ancient predecessors.

Scale: 1:1250
Approximate cost to build: $105 USD

Models Included:

  • Koro-class [D-7] Battlecruiser
  • nu’M’Chla-class [L-2] Bird of Prey
  • nu’Batlh-class [G-4] Military Transport
  • nu’DaSpu-class [K-6] Escort

Files Included:

  • Hand-crafted instructions
  • LDD and Stud.io files
  • Bricklink-compatible parts list

DOES NOT include parts, this is a digital purchase.