Mazu-class Support Vessel Instructions


An ill-fated successor to the Oberth class, the Mazu was yet another vessel built as part of the upgrade to isolinear systems in the early 2320s. Like its contemporaries, the Mazu class would be retired prematurely when numerous vulnerabilities were discovered within the isolinear circuitry, requiring the technology to be completely reworked before it could be re-introduced with the Galaxy project. Many ideas from the Mazu class would live on in the Phoenix class, built alongside the Galaxy project.

Ships of this class were often named for water deities from cultures across the Federation.

Scale: 1:1250
Approximate cost to build: $10 USD

Models Included:

  • Mazu-class Support Vessel

Files Included:

  • Hand-crafted instructions
  • LDD and files
  • Bricklink-compatible parts list

DOES NOT include parts, this is a digital purchase.

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